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Return & Exchange

Return & Exchange Policy


If you have received our products and request to return & exchange them, you need to read the following points, so that we can avoid the misunderstandings.


*We can support the application for return&exchange only when the products you received are non-original or wrong items & defective stock.


The steps of return& exchange:

  1. you need to provide related photos and description to prove that productsare non-original or wrong items or defective stock.
  2. You need to fill in some crucial information on aparticular If in urgent case , we can do priority without these process.
  3. We’ll arrange the collectionafter your return&exchange application is viewed and approved.
  4. We’ll refund or replace after the returned products are completely received and checked.



The return & exchange process will be terminated if there are the following situations:

  1. The products show the obvious signs of artificial usage.
  2. The products show the obvious signs of artificial damages.
  3. The products’ retail packaging bags & boxes are incomplete or damaged.
  4. The products weren’t shipped from us after the examination and investigation.


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